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I received my 2 shirts yesterday. My wife asked what was in the package. When I pulled them out, she said, “Oh those are cool”. I told her, “I Know!” Thanks for the quick delivery, love the shirts, love your insight, wisdom, and wit when it comes to vinyl.

Mark M (USA)

Mark M (USA)


I received the t-shirt today and I'm very happy with it! Such excellent service! Thanks again Frank. You rock! \m/

Jay (USA)


The shirt came this afternoon!! That's great service! Keep up the good work!!

John D



The 33 RPM t-shirt arrived yesterday... nice condition and looking good. I'm very pleased. I will be ordering more from you, and now my mates are asking about them. Cheers. Keep them spinning from the UK.

Mick (UK)


Awesome shirt, great stuff. If you buy vinyl you have to have these.

Wargod48 (USA) 


Thanks @Channel33RPM!

@RocklandSally (Canada)


I got the “Keep on spinning” shirt from Frank. It’s a great quality shirt and it’s very comfortable. Planning to get a few more shirts in the near future!

Mark (Canada)


Cheers Frank! Freakin awesome! Just need to cut off the sleeves, LOL.

Jason S (Australia)


The poster is awesome, thanks! I was wearing one of the shirts all weekend. My daughter was wondering if I was actually going to change my shirt?!

Jeff S. (Canada)


This arrived today from Canada thanks to friend and fellow Vinyl Collector Frank Landry of the mighty Channel 33 RPM on YouTube.

DJ Legion (USA)